Mindfulness Meadows is meant to serve as a space for attendees to break away from the exhilarating but hectic conference to add some peace and tranquility to their day through meditation, relaxation, and prayer. ​​​​​​​
Everything about the space is done through the lens of creating a place to feel calm, serene, and zen. Whether you are attending a meditation session led by a monastic, coming to pray or just to take a break and relax, Mindfulness Meadows is the perfect escape for peaceful bliss during your Dreamforce ‘22 experience. 
Entrance into Mindfulness Meadows from the vestibule ​​​​​​​
As you enter the vestibule from either Howard Street or 3rd, you then pass through the doors, and upon entering Mindfulness Meadows, you are welcomed with a National Park sign surrounded by lush grasses and wildflowers to your right, and to your left, a docent at a welcome desk and a schedule monitor. 
Immediately, you will feel transported into a relaxing, zen world of airy clouds, gentle butterflies, verdant greenery, calming sounds, and enjoyable scents of rosemary. 
After checking in at the welcome desk and dropping off their shoes and belongings, attendees have options to a variety of spaces.​​​​​​​
• Main Meditation space
• Medium Group Meditation room
• Small Group Meditation room
• Peace room
The docent will share about the space​​​​​​​
• Guide attendees to drop off their shoes and belongings in the available cubbies. 
• Direct attendees who have arrived for a specific session, the docent can direct them to the Main Meditation area.
• If someone has come to Mindfulness Meadows out of curiosity to check out the space they can share about the upcoming Monastic lead sessions or direct them to one of the three areas for quiet thought.
• If an attendee has come for prayer, the docent can direct them to the Peace Room. 
All elements were selected to feel like they are in the middle of an art installation set in a meadow, where they are enveloped in a soothing, contemplative, and a oneness experience
Video Wall, a peaceful video of grasses blowing gently in the wind with butterflies softly flapping their wings are projected on the upper portion of the wall above the glass doors. 
Leaning into the event theme and elements seen throughout the campus​​​​​​​
• The Mindfulness Meadow National Park sign and main meditation room waterfall sign lean into the event theme.
Clouds and Hot Air Balloons both lean into the event theme and the visual elements seen in other spaces throughout campus (Hot Air Balloon on Howard Street and Salesforce Genie Magic Clouds in MWS2 - Data Launch Zone), provide an enhanced feeling of being outdoors and provide a sense of joy. ​​​​​​​
Main Meditation Space (ABOVE)
Medium Meditation Space (ABOVE)
Small Meditation Space (ABOVE)
Peace Meditation Space (ABOVE)
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