“Welcome to Dreamforce” a visual expression of this year's theme “Go Big And Come Home.” 
• The intent here is to spark curiosity and delight. This will get people excited and eager to dive into everything Dreamforce has to offer and share their experience with their fellow attendees.
• This branding here is overarching, and not specific to a zone. It leans into Dreamforce 2022, 20th anniversary, and Salesforce as a whole.
• This entire Hall D area acts as a welcoming area onto Campground, and the event in general.

Visual Nature Cues
• Giant Redwood tree trunks - Throughout Hall D space we have large column wraps to represent giant Redwood tree trunks.
• We have strategically placed still projections throughout Hall D that display “unreal environmental redwood tree trunks”  that give a new scenic design approach to the space. 
• Walking through the space, everyone will truly feel like they are walking through a “Trail of Giants.”
• We incorporated dynamic theatrical lighting in the space, including warm color tones and gobos to make the attendee feel like they are walking through the woods on a warm morning. 
• Hanging banners with messaging distinguishing the 3 core areas of Hall D: Salesforce Studios, Salesforce+ Lounge, and the Dreamstore.
Hall D 3d Fly-Through Video
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